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MDQ Videos (My Decorative Quilter)

MDQ Social Network COnnections - Feature added 2/17/14
MDQ Social Network Connection

MDQ Projects - Feature added 2/17/14
MDQ Projects

MDQ Center Origins - MDQ Projects - Feature added 2/17/14
MDQ Center Origin

Design Library for MDQ Software - Feature added 10/2013
Design Library MDQ

MDQ Create Outlines - Feature added 5/2013
MDQ Create Outlines

MDQ Variegated Thread - Feature added 5/2013
MDQ Variegated Thread

Stabilizing Solutions & Training

Stabilizing Solutions - Intro Stabilizing Solutions - Cutaways Stabilizing Solutions - Tearaways Stabilizing Solutions - Water Solubles Stabilizing Solutions - Specialty Products Walter's Invite to Workshops Walter Floriani's Training DVD Preview

Stabilizer Videos

Appli Kay Wonder Dream Weave Fusible Dream Weave Ultra Embroidery Batting Heat N Gone Heat N Shrink Medium Cutaway 2 oz Stabilizer Medium Cutaway Fusible Medium Tearaway No Show Mesh FusibleNo Show Mesh Non Fusible

News, Tips & Techniques

Micro Thread Chrome Needles Floriani Embroidery Batting Embroidery Perfection Tape

FTC-P / ESP Software Features

Split Designs - Feature added 2/17/14
Split Designs

Social Media Connection - Feature added 2/17/14
Social Network Connection

Center Design Origin - Feature added 2/17/14
Center Origin

Design Notes -Feature enhanced 10/2013
Design Notes

Export Artwork - Feature added 10/2013
Export Artwork

Learning and Resource Center - Added 10/2013
Learning and Resource Center