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Floriani ... The Name That Means Beautiful Quilting & Embroidery!
"I never knew there was so much to learn about stabilizing - I feel like every dealer that sells Floriani needs to have a show so that they can properly educate their customers. I know in my heart that Floriani is by far the BEST Stabilizer on the market (now my customers know)."

NEW Floriani Total Control U is here! Click the videos below to see all the NEW features of our recently updated software! Be sure to visit your authorized Floriani dealer to get your FREE update! :
Walter Announces Software Updates A Quick Look at What?s New with Floriani Total Control-U The Cloud

Download the Chrome Needle App Today!

Get the Chrome Needle App Today!

Floriani POP Credits
No matter what type of project you are creating, RNK Distributing has the perfect stabilizer to ensure you achieve top-quality results. But that's not all you get when you use Floriani stabilizers. Each roll of stabilizer includes a coupon that is good for a free Floriani embroidery design. Click here to redeem your POP credit coupons!

Celebrating a Decade of Excellence in Quilting and Embroidery Products!

With… A Ten Year Anniversary Promotion Unlike Any Before

Just 10 years ago RNK Distributing began like many businesses in America as a dream. Ricky and Kay Brooks had been lucky enough to own a Sewing Machine Business during the introduction of the Home Embroidery Machines. While Ricky refers to this time as the time when the Home Sewing Industry became FUN, not all home embroidery resulted in FUN.

There were ruined garments, puckered embroideries and many other issues that led him and Kay to launching what is known today as RNK Distributing LLC, exclusive distributors of Floriani Products. The company that began in Ricky and Kay’s garage in their home is now a multimillion dollar manufacturing and global distribution company owned by the Wallach Family from New York.

Floriani stabilizers, thread, and software have become synonymous with quality and innovation, but Ricky and Kay (who now serve as the General Managers of RNK LLC.) are quick to tell anyone “We owe our success and growth to the faithful support of our amazing Floriani Dealers and their customers.

To show our appreciation, RNK is proud to announce our Ten Year Anniversary Promotion as we begin a new decade of Floriani Excellence with the Introduction of the BRAND NEW Floriani Total Control U!

This amazing software update brings the latest in leading edge embroidery software:
  • Exclusive Features!
    Wave Gradient Fill Patterns, Name Drop Creation, Photo Stitch Wizard and More!
  • Enhanced Features! Save2Sew Design Optimization, Split Designs & More!
  • Excellent software staff
    support that Floriani has given
    U for years!
BUT WAIT! Floriani Total Control U will be a FREE update for any owner of the previous versions of Floriani Total Control & Embroidery Suite Pro!!!

All 14,000+ current owners
will receive an update to the current software for ABSOLUTELY FREE, available ONLY through the Floriani retailers where their previous version was purchased.

And our gratitude doesn’t end there….


The Ten Year Anniversary “Thank You” Kit

When you go to pick up your new FTC-U at the Floriani Dealer where you purchased the previous version of the software, you will have the ONE time chance to get this amazing
Thank You Kit at WHOLESALE cost!

This kit includes: YOUR Choice of any 3 Floriani Design Sets!
(shipped to the dealer for pick up later)
  • 10 spools (1000m) of RNK’s 60wt Micro Poly Thread
  • 20 spools (1000m) of Floriani 40wt Poly Thread
  • Walter Floriani’s Favorite Tools Set
  • Heat N Gone Topping – 20” x 10 yds
  • Heat N Sta Fusible Tearaway – 20” x 10 yds
  • No Show Fusible Mesh, White – 20” x10 yds
  • Wet N stick Lightweight Tearaway – 20” x 10 yds
  • Perfect Stick Pre Cut, 25 sheet pack – 9” x 9”
  • Dream Weave Ultra Pre Cut,
    25 sheet pack – 15” x 24”

ONLY available at the time of the FTC-U pick up for an owner of the previous version of the software or a new purchaser of FTC-U during promotion.

If you want to buy more than one kit at that price, then you must do so at that time. If buying at any other time or new buyers of the FTC-U, then that price is $349.99.
This offer is only available for the length of our 10 Year Anniversary promotion.

* Price for Software Owner at time of pick up for their new FREE update only.

But we haven’t forgotten NEW buyers of the FTC-U either…

For those who have never had Floriani Software before, we have a limited time offer ONLY for those of you who buy and register your new Floriani Total Control U by September 30th…

That’s up to a $800 Retail Value for FREE!
10 great reasons for new fans to celebrate 10 years of Floriani!

All chosen design sets will be shipped to the retail store where FTC-U is purchased for pick up within 2-4 weeks. Offer only good to first time buyers of Floriani software, not redeemable by previous owners updating to FTC-U.

And those aren’t the only great deals that will be a part of the celebration…

Brand New Floriani’s 10 Year Anniversary Thread Set!

Celebrate 10 years of vibrant Floriani color with the 10 Year Anniversary Thread Set!

This all new set collects the most eye-catching, brilliant colors in the Floriani line of polyester 1000m threads into one magnificent bundle!

AND that’s not all! ONLY During the 10 Year Anniversary, that set comes with TWO Floriani Signature Designs at ONE Great Price!

Totaling in a retail value of $320, get these 30 threads with Spanish Flowers and Floral Fantasy for a special price of $169.99!

Floriani’s Ten Year Anniversary Stabilizer Kit

Threads aren’t the only Floriani products that have kept Floriani fans coming back for more!

10 years means 10 great stabilizers packed into one great deal!

To make that birthday bundle even sweeter, this kit will ship with a copy of the BRAND NEW Signature
Design Collection Stems for Every Season!

• Perfect Stick – 12” x 10 yds
• Tearaway Medium - 12” x 10 yds
• Heat N Sta Fusible – 12” x 10 yds
• Stitch N Wash Fusible - 12” x 10 yds
• Heat N Gone Topping – 10” x 10 yds
• Water Soluble Topping – 10” x 10 yds
• Wet N Gone – 12” x 12 yds
• Wet N Gone Tacky – 12” x 10 yds
• No Show Fusible Mesh, White - 12” x 10 yds
• Dream Weave - 30” x 3 yds pack

Floriani Chrome Needles have been the latest success nationwide and the Floriani Chrome Needle App has been a hit with customers using iOS no matter what the needle brand!

And you have loved the free design offer you get for buying a pack of chrome needles every promotion this year.

(See for yourself at:

But that’s not enough for the Ten Year Anniversary promotion, so for anyone who purchases 10 or more packs of Floriani Chrome needles, RNK will not only email all 10 FREE Designs from the usual promotion, but we will also send by regular mail Floriani event design CD with 10 MORE FREE DESIGNS! (pictured)

That’s $200 worth of Free Designs!

Find a Chrome Needle dealer near you at the above link!

Floriani’s American made 100% spun cotton is machine tested for superior quality.

  • If you buy 10 spools of the 500 yd Cotton Quilting Thread during the Ten Year Anniversary Promotion will receive 10 FREE Floriani quilt designs!
  • If you buy 20 spools, you will receive a FREE Quilt Project CD on top of that!
  • And if you buy 30 spools, you will get a FREE Thread Storage box to bring them all home!

Special Offer on Floriani Thread!

The great savings apply to the other Floriani Threads as well with this incredible deal:

Ten Year Anniversay Promotion Giveaways:
1.) During our Ten Year Anniversary Promotion anyone who buys 10 spools of the Polyester 40wt thread will receive a FREE Floriani Precision Angle Tweezer Tool Valued at $9.99! 2.) For those who buy 10 spools of the 40wt poly AND also buys 10 spools of the RNK Micro Thread 60wt, we will send them the Floriani Squeeze N Snips for FREE as well! Valued at $18.99 3.) And that’s not all.... Buy any 10 additional spools of Floriani Thread! (Metallic, Variegated, Mixed or Cotton), for a total of 30 spools and we will give you something to carry it home with! Our 30 spool thread box FREE. Valued at $39.95.

You may get large sized cones of thread where available as a part of this 10, but please be advised that only the regular sized threads will fit inside the Thread Storage box.

All these wonderful specials are only available while supplies last!

Don’t Miss out – place your order today!

Find a participating dealer near you at:

No other discounts apply.
Specials and free items only available for participating dealers in US and Canadian markets.
Canadian customers will receive free items directly from participating Canadian dealers.

Floriani Ten Year Anniversary Promotion 2014 available: August 1, 2014 – September 30, 2014